Esporão @ Vinexpo


In 2013 White Studio had one of its most challenging projects: to create Esporão’s exhibition stand at Vinexpo, in Bordeaux. Having in mind that it had to be unique, the idea came while drawing a vine leaf. After a few sketches it was obvious that the stand should be covered by nature’s own skin and to look like a sculpture. After reaching the concept there was a journey to the estate to build a working structure and choose the adequate osiers to cover the stand. We had to learn the material’s behavior and to control it, so that it would work the way we wanted. The next step was to fix the osiers to the mdf structure of the stand, a work already done at Bordeaux. The final result was a beautiful and suggestive piece of a wine estate, a place where visitors could travel for a while. Wine tasting did the rest of the job.    



Client: Esporão

Year: 2013

Art Direction: Eduardo Aires

Architecture: Susana Vassalo

Interior Design: Susana Vassalo, Ana Murmur

Design: Raquel Rei

Video and Photography: Alexandre Delmar