Visual identity for the city of Porto.

The challenge presented for this project was very clear: the city needed a visual identity that worked as a system able to organize and simplify communication with the citizens, bringing together the people and the City Hall. To answer this challenge, we wanted to represent Porto as it is. 

Traditionally called the Ancient, Very Noble, Always Loyal and Undefeated City, Porto is a global city, a city for everyone, filled with life and character, with its very specific habits and ways of living, its icons and symbols, its landscapes and a very particular horizon. Porto has a scale that allows for a relationship of proximity and makes you feel cozy, at home. In Porto, we develop a feeling a ownership with every landmark, with every street, and with each step we recognize its accent and its attitude. The city is ours. Porto is alive. Porto is unique.

For each citizen, Porto is a different thing. If you ask someone "what is Porto?", the number of answers is endless.Porto is Porto. We thought of Porto's visual identity as a living system. To be Porto's identity, the image had to breathe and grow, like the city itself. We felt like we needed to give each citizen their own Porto. We needed to show all the cities that exist in this one territory. Thus it became clear to us that Porto needed to be much more than a single icon, much more than a single logo. It needed complexity. It needed life. It needed stories. It needed personality. So, we added a dot to the name of the City, to give the logo the strenght and the affirmative nature of its people and character. The iconic system is inspired in the blue tiles that cover so many historical buildings in the City. They are not just bidimensional aesthetical objects. Stories are told in those "azulejos". Thus, the inspiration was not only visual but mainly conceptual. We created a system of icons with which every person living (in) Porto could be and feel represented. New icons can be added to the system and old ones can stop being used. We wanted the image to be just the perfect mirror of what the city is.  

Client: Câmara Municipal do Porto.

Year: 2014
Art Direction: Eduardo Aires.

Design project: Ana Simões, Raquel Rei.
Designers: Ana Simões, Raquel Rei, Lucille Queriaud, Joana Mendes, Maria Sousa, Dário Cannatà.

Motion: Tiago Campeã
Photography: Alexandre Delmar